If you like heroes that are tormented by demons of the mind, sexy male-male interactions, and love without restraint (or with depending upon the Dom's mood) then you have come to the right place.

Update Message

The last couple of years have been challenging: starting a new career, dealing with the loss of quite a few beloved family members, including both of my parents, and so on.  Add in a computer crash that took some of my files, including my cover art which I now have to recreate, and it has been overwhelming.

As a result, I did the one thing I hate the most - I fell silent.  I couldn't handle things, I was drowning and dealing with too much at once, and I stopped writing.  I stopped communicating.  As a result, it has been a few years since I published anything new.  I am hoping this changes soon as I am finally starting to get the creative spark back.  Crossing my fingers that I will have something new eventually.


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