Phoenix Reborn

Why Phoenix Reborn?

Originally the series was titled The Dogs of War, in reference to the Shakespeare quote "Cry 'Havok' and let slip the dogs of war" in which the dogs of war are the hellacious aftermath - rather than the act of war itself.   It seemed to fit, given that the first three books are about warriors who fought for their country and returned with PTSD (PTSS).  Even the second three that are in my head, all dealing with police officers, fit.  But I didn't want to limit myself to just cops and military.  Additionally, I think the Dogs of War series title might have turned some readers off.

What ties all of the stories together is a PTSD support group for those in the D/s community who are military, police, firefighters, EMTs, etc.  As they learn to deal with PTSD and the changes in their lives, they are all different than what their loved ones remember - and coming out the other side, they have all faced some kind of a trial by fire.  So Phoenix Reborn made sense ...

Can a broken submissive, damaged by captivity and torture, learn to fly again?

Will a tormented switch, in love with two men, accept the unconventional love being offered to him or continue to walk alone?

Origin of Broken Wings

One of the things I enjoy reading about a book I enjoy is the origin story.  How did the author come up with the idea?  What sparked the story - was it a character?  A song?  A random thought?

Broken Wings, despite being inspired to some degree by the song, didn't actually originate from it.

Read the Origin Story here ...

Military Creeds

Each of the military branches has a creed or motto.  These creeds are an oath, or saying, that provides a value structure - much like a mission statement - by which each member is expected to live and work by.

The Soldier's Creed (Army)

Air Force Creed

The Sailor's Creed (Navy)

Marine Corp Creed

Coast Guard Creed

I used these creeds, as well as the unofficial motto of the police force (to protect and serve), the basic fact that EMT's are healers, and a saying I think sums up the firefighters spirit (they rush in where others are rushing out) to formulate the Phoenix Reborn therapy creed.

Phoenix Reborn Therapy Creed

I am an American Soldier,

Airman, Sailor, Marine,

Police Officer, Firefighter or EMT


I am a guardian of freedom and justice.

I am a healer, an avenger, a silent sentry.

I am my country's sword and shield.

I will defend my country, and her people, to my last breath.


I place the mission first, 

I serve and protect,

I rush in when others are fleeing,

I walk into the flames, gunfire, the unknown

and I face it with courage and resolution.

I accept that the only easy day was yesterday.


I will never falter.

I will not accept defeat.

I will never quit.

I will not fail.

I will never leave a man behind.

I will never surrender to my demons.


I am a warrior,

a member of a team,

a brother.

Together we stand strong, resolute.

Together we will conquer our demons.

Together we will rise from the ashes.

Together we are reborn.

We are warriors; unbending, unconquered, unyielding.


I am a phoenix reborn.